Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tiger Attack

I was looking for a hospital as a tiger had torn my hand from the shoulder and it was about to fall off. I am in a north indian small town landscape with tuk-tuks as public transport, dusty road and paan-spits around bus stands. Also, the road leading to the bus stand is one of those Dehradun to Rishikesh roads, with jungles on either side.

I am hunting for a bus to take me to a hospital. People can see me half drenched in blood and are not really affected or helping. I finally manage a tuk tuk overflowing with people. We reach a fork, from where I don't know the way, so am contemplating if I should go along the way the tuk tuk is going or get down and take another tuk tuk!

Another part of the dream.

I am cycling across that Dehradun Rishikesh road with jungles on either side. And I realise something isn't right. I can see headlights as a symbol of it being night, but I know I am alone and there are no cars. Its a dangerous road and wild animals are known to pounce at unsuspecting travelers. I try and pace up, but sense that a tiger is about to attack me. It does, and tears my hand off from the shoulder.

Now I do not remember which sequence came first. But thats about it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dream critique

A colleague of mine runs a website on food (Feastguru). I entered a review contest and wanted to write a poem instead of the regular article variety.

Seema read the first draft and didn't think much of it. Obviously I couldn't sleep well that night.

So I dream that I submit the article and my colleague's ten year old daughter calls up and gives me a lecture on sequencing, alternate use of phrases and 'conjuring an image'. She finally gives up and makes me memorize the poem the way it should be written.

Woke from the dream wrote the poem down as she mentioned it.