Friday, October 5, 2007

Galactic Cycle

The Plot

I woke up a cyborg on an industrial planet which was supposedly on a parallel universe. The planet was called - Son, an ecumneopolis, i.e. a planet that is entirely made up of industrial structures.

My arrival was expected as an annual sign for electrical maintenance and garbage collection :( . But I was part of their lore of this robotic race. What was more interesting though was their creation myth that we [my instructor] and I discussed on the way to the maintenance bay.

Creation Myth

The creation myth of this robotic race states that their was a lonely star called Father. Unlike the (relatively) fixed stars that we are aware of, Father was an orbital star with an erratic path. On one erratic orbital pass, it split into two, creating another star called Mother. Unable to keep up with the general erratic nature of Father, Mother decided to have a Son that would be stationary. Thus the star-forged metallic planet of Son was created.

Father was however enraged by this creation and banned Mother from the known universe. Thus she was banished to form a new universe of which I am a part. Every millennium the keepers of Son, expect a being from Mother's universe to arrive and help them tidy up.

Interesting points

Unlike regular systems, Son, the planet, is at the center of this universe. Looking out from the maintenance bay you can see Father zooming by trying to split into a step-mother or something, however, all attempts have been in vain. The atmosphere on Son is surprisingly calm.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Restaurant and Jogging

I wish I could get myself to abuse more freely ... I had to setup up a class restaurant, then jog on caters so that I wouldn't upset my best friends father who felt that the food could only taste good if it was prepared by a passionate and committed entrepreneur.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oppenheimer and Batman

Oppenheimer got a raw deal ... I became Batman ... but not the costume type, but the mutant type ... and Victor had a theory no one wanted to hear

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Saving the world

Well last night I saved the world by bringing peace between humans and Taurins.